Where The People Aren’t


Like Jay-Z’s Jesus piece, central Missouri is flooded. And when the water recedes, it leaves behind the unseen world of the river bottom. Case in point: this toothy fish.

And another picture, with a 20 oz soda bottle for size comparison:
So while this skull belonged to no killer, it definitely makes me thinks twice about jumping in Perche Creek just off Providence Road, where I found this skull. A fish body was nearby (picture taken with my foot for scale, I’m a gentlemen’s size 12, which is roughly an actual foot):
As close as the two pieces were, my journalistic integrity prevents me saying that this skull, which was missing a body, is from that body, which was missing a skull. But they were close. 
Perche Creek,  a tributary of the Missouri River, was high but not flooding it’s banks when I was taking pictures last week.
With all the rain and flooding since this picture was taken, I’m curious to see what has washed up since.  I would strongly encourage the curious to don some old shoes and walk a riverbank after the water recedes.