3D Video

Stereoscopic 3D Videos

You can view all these videos in 3D on Youtube, but so far Firefox is the only browser I’ve tried that gives you the 3D video options once you open the little gear in the bottom right corner of the Youtube video.

If you have the cyan and red glasses, you can watch the videos in anaglyphic 3D without a special monitor.

I shot and edited these videos as part of my senior capstone project. For more details about this 3D project, which was a collaboration between the Missouri School Journalism, the Reynolds Journalism Institute, and the Immersive Visualization Lab at Mizzou, our presentation at the 2015 RJI Tech Showcase is below the 3D videos on this page.


Story Telling in 3D: The Historic Costume Collection

  • Shot with Sony HDR-TD20V
  • Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 10

This was the final video for the project. It is a two-layered story telling both the narrative of Mizzou’s 175th Anniversary and the historic costume collection as well as showcasing how 3D videos can be seen through a variety of platforms that already exist. The HDR-TD20V has two side-by-side lenses that make shooting 3D identical in procedure to 2D video. The differences are only in how you frame the shot to achieve the greatest possible depth.


#Playoffs series

Some of the videos I was rendering while I was getting a hang of Sony Vegas took over an hour. In the meantime, I had a lot of time to think about 3D filming/editing techniques and the NBA playoffs.  They came together in this series of demo “ads” where I tried different transitions to see how they would look on the same video. I also had shots where the action would happen in the foreground, the middle-ground, or the background. And some where the action moved between them. I also wanted to see how adding 2D text would look on a 3D video. I applied what I learned to the final video seen above.  All of these videos were shot with the Sony HDR-TD20V and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Playoffs (Jumpcuts)


Playoffs (Dissolves)



Playoffs (Fades)


Playoffs (Action in foreground/background)





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