Macro Filming Part Two


Here’s my second attempt at macro filming of living subjects. I used a tripod this time instead of my wobbly, frail limbs. As per the Great Barrier Reef documentary advice, I moved the whole camera/tripod set-up instead of changing the zoom and focus. I also used a Nikon D7000 in video mode with a wireless mic instead of a Sony HandyCam HDR CX-150 video camera.

I left the quick drop in at the top of the frame of the second shot (the moth) just to give an idea of what the mic looked like and how close I physically was. I was very surprised the moth did not fly away inches away from the lens.

The grasshopper in the third shot was too deep in the grass to open his wings and was literally incapable of escaping my camera. So that was nice. My subjects matter in trying to find insects to film was definitely most dependent on what would not flee from me immediately.

I would have liked to get some of the cicadas I heard chirping all around me but they were too high.

I’m getting closer to what I want to be able to accomplish with the technical side of filming. Now I want to be able to have interesting action on the macro film. I was thrilled to get the brief ant/fly interaction in the first shot.

For my next attempt I will try to get interesting and extended length subject matter now that I feel confident I can capture it.